Private Boat Tour Tulum- A Unique Travel Option For Clients Seeking Luxurious Vacation Getaways.

Private boat tours are a great way to explore some of Tulum’s most beautiful and exotic locations. But, if you don’t have millions of dollars to spend buying a boat, don’t worry! There is another option. We offer renting exclusive boats for your private boat tour in Tulum! Are you looking for luxury boat charters for Tulum & the Riviera Maya? At Best Maya Tours, we help you organize the thing that you desire & deserve!

At Best Maya Tours, we strive to offer the finest private boat tour experiences in Tulum! So, book your next getaway with our team. You can choose a wide selection of boats to hire for private day tours to special events, family dinner cruises, and more. Our private boat tour is considered only for luxury vacations or adventurous trips. We have everything you need to enjoy your stay at the world’s most popular tourist destination. Be sure that you will find the right boat for you. Our private boat tour of Tulum out of Puerto Aventuras is the perfect day on the water. You will love it as it completely satisfies both luxury and your need for speed.


Our private boat tour includes luxurious boats and dedicated staff to serve you. It has rooms for kids to nap, similar to a living area to enjoy the shade. You will spend a day like no other on your private boat due to the fantastic snorkeling and simply being able to hang out in the beautiful Caribbean with your friends and family. Our private boats are available for rent around the city or directly from the Tulum marina. The duration of your trip determines the cost –the longer you stay, the cheaper it gets daily. The price also depends on how many people will be on board. Your private boat tour crew will give you the attention and personal service you deserve. Anything you need, you can ask our team because our team & boat crew is there to help you!

Many people from all over the world come to this magical place to have fun and relax. Travelers rent private boats because it gives them a unique opportunity to do so! Unlike staying in a hotel or having a vacation at their friends’ place. Most people think renting a boat for a private tour in Tulum is expensive! But if you research and find an affordable tour operator & travel management company like Best Maya Tours, it can cost as little as a few hundred USD per day. If you like to rent a more luxurious private boat, then we can also help you. It will make your private boat tour to Tulum even more adventurous and comfortable. 

Private Boat Tour Tulum- A Unique Travel Option For Clients Seeking Luxurious Vacation Getaways.
Private Boat Tour Tulum- A Unique Travel Option For Clients Seeking Luxurious Vacation Getaways.

The private boat tour we offer allows excellent places to host a party. We can assist with organizing birthday celebrations and wedding pre- and post-parties. You can choose the enticing VIP upgrade option, which includes champagne and a VIP open bar. Things are even better if you love food. We can send special dinners and bring a private chef aboard. It is a great option & a perfect way to travel faster and visit the locations such as Cozumel for snorkeling. There are several different tours available. Additionally, you can modify your travel itinerary & terms. 

The private boat tour in Tulum is perfect for families who love the ocean. Come and enjoy a fantastic day snorkeling in the reefs along the Riviera. The answer is quite simple if you ask why travelers love Best Maya Tours as their preferred travel organizer. We’re passionate about what we do; therefore, we want to provide you with the most memorable private boat trip experience possible.