The adventure possible to have during a private Sian Ka’an Lazy River tour

When you are in Mexico, you generally visit what the Mayans have left us to explore. However, when you are in Sian Ka’an, the focus is not on what the humans have developed. Instead, the focus is on a unique ecosystem sculpted by nature on the coast of Mexico.

If you try to visit all the World Heritage sites in Mexico, you cannot avoid being part of the private Sian Ka’an Lazy River tour we at Best Maya Tours organize. However, all the other heritage sites are human-related except this in the Mexican Riviera. It is an excellent effort from UNESCO to declare a natural site a heritage site, demonstrating how significant Sian Ka’an is.

The adventure possible to have during a private Sian Ka'an Lazy River tour
The adventure possible to have during a private Sian Ka’an Lazy River tour

The peculiarity of the Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve

There are different elements in this biosphere reserve, and the way they interact makes the place particularly interesting and unique. You can be in tropical forests and palm savannahs in a few parts. Then, suddenly, you will find yourself in mangroves and marshes where the savannahs merge. The lakes here form islands, and rivers are on their way to the coast with long beaches and sandy dunes. Off the coast, you can be at a large marine section, which is also a part of the biosphere, including a barrier reef. As the environment is diverse, you will find various animals and plants. 

In the adjacent forest, you can have encounters with jaguars, pumas, ocelots, and tapirs. The water is full of manatees, turtles, and fish. Up in the sky, there are migratory birds.


The tour that we organize

Our private Sian Ka’an Lazy River tour will help you to appreciate perhaps one of the most tranquil and exceptional involvements with the Riviera Maya. After visiting the archeological site of Muyil, you will enter the western side of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere to get a boat and sail through the biosphere to arrive at the old water channels worked by the Mayans about five hundred years ago. You will show up first at Xlapak, or “Ancient Wall,” and enjoy a terrific view from this old Mayan outpost.

Then, among the mangroves and the crystal waters, you will enter the slowly streaming river with your lifejackets and float down the stream. It can be around 3/4 of a mile before returning to the boats. 

Before returning to your hotel, you will be able to enjoy a typical Mayan lunch at a local café in this beautiful spot.

We take every care so you can have a safe, comfortable, and pleasant tour. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about. You will have enough opportunity to explore Sian Ka’an Biosphere. 

So, do remember us when you intend to have the best private Sian Ka’an Lazy River tour. 

The Yucatan Peninsula is home to the historic Mayan city of Ek Balam, Mexico, sometimes referred to as the Jaguar City of Mexico. It is a much less visited place, but the Mayan ruins of Ek Balam are a pretty offbeat Yucatan destination. When the Ek Balam ruins are all together, they resemble like a real Mayan city. As you enter, you can see the ruins of the city walls. The thing’s you see is said to be just 10% of Ek Balam’s entire ruins area. There will be so many things to be explored yet. But it is stunning and unique! 

At Best Maya Tours, we offer customized Ek Balam private tours. Our expert team provides a list of facts — including a short history of the area, exciting details, and additional information on the surrounding Yucatan region and its many sights. It is a paradise that not only lets you explore the world’s wonders but discover so many exciting facts about Ek Balam & Chichen Itza that make you quite surprised. The Good news is that you can easily visit Ek Balam and Chichen Itza on the same day. Our Ek Balam private tour is a safe, comfortable & informative way to see the best of this ancient Mayan ruin. Do you find your Ek Balam private tour  is difficult or too overwhelming? Then, you can go for our Ek Balam private tour. It is a highly-rated day trip that covers the ruins of Ek Balam, Chichen Itza, and a nearby cenote in one day. Here are a few places to visit on an Ek Balam private tour.

Is a private tour to Ek Balam (Jaguar City of Mexico) worth visiting?
Is a private tour to Ek Balam (Jaguar City of Mexico) worth visiting?

Ek Balam ruins 

Ek Balam ruins are worth visiting because they are not as crowded as the others. They stand out because of the presence of exquisite sculptures made of stucco that are exclusive to them. Between 100 BCE and 900 CE, the Mayan city of Ek Balam in Mexico flourished for over a thousand years. It peaked about the eighth century. The Acropolis and Ek Balam Pyramid can still be climbed. However, use caution as the steps are in poor condition and slick in several areas. 

Original stucco sculptures at Ek Balam

Exploring the original & Stunning stucco work at the Mayan ruins of Ek Balam is a part of our Ek Balam private tour. It is one of its kind and quite distinctive because of the unique stone-carved sculptures that are hard to come now. It has the figures of winged warriors that remained an exciting topic for historians for a long time. Of great interest is the substantial teeth-like structure in front that makes the entrance look like a giant monster mouth. It seems like an entry door to the underworld.

Original stucco sculptures

Oval Palace at Ek Balam

The Oval Palace, a 2-minute walk away, is the next point of interest once you have finished touring the main pyramid of Ek Balam. The Oval Palace is thought to have hosted cosmological rituals. It is analogous to the oblong observatory in Tulum or Chichen Itza. You may obtain breathtaking views of the entire area from the top of the Oval Palace. 

Entry Arch at Ek Balam

This lovely arched gate, which initially connected Ek Balam to the rest of the Mayan realm, may be found at the entrance to Ek Balam. The gate is thought to have been connected to the sacbe, an old route. It’s intriguing how Sacbe works. Similar to our modern motorways and roads, it is believed that areas connected important cities throughout the Mayan empire at their junctions. This sacbe most likely linked the Coba, Chichen Itza, and Ek Balam. 

The cenote at Ek Balam 

The Cenote Xcanche, also referred to as the Ek Balam Cenote, is next to Ek Balam. It is a gorgeous outdoor swimming pool with rope swings and waterfalls. After touring the neighboring ruins, take a dip in these calm waters. Other beautiful cenotes are also close by. Our Ek Balam private tour allows you to visit the majestic Cenote Maya along with Ek Balam ruins. All our Ek Balam tours usually include a cenote or two, if you are interested!


Twin Pyramids of Ek Balam

The Twin pyramids are a pair of identical pyramids that are located directly in front of the Oval Palace on the left. They are built like pyramids on a single platform. The Ball Court, smaller than the one at Chichen Itza, is a little distance ahead. The Acropolis and its palapas are visible further along. 

Ek Balam private tour is worth it if you are looking for a calmer, more peaceful heritage experience in the Yucatan. It is always a great idea to take a guided tour to explore the Mayan ruins of Mexico. We are your local tour guides and come with much information, local myths, and legends. We are happy to share our experience and facts with you! It highly recommends spending a few days in Valladolid and touring the surrounding area, including Ek Balam, Chichen Itza, and several pretty cenotes. If you wish, we can organize your Ek Balam private tour from Valladolid or Cancun! 

If you plan a vacation trip to Mexico, a tour to Chichen Itza must be on your wishlist. The beauty and the cultural heritage of the place draw many vacationers year-round. When planning, you must have read reviews that it is possible to have a self-tour of the place. However, we at Best Maya Tours feel that our private full-day guided Chichen Itza tour will offer you more space to understand the place’s beauty and cultural heritage. We ensure that it is possible for you to do and see everything at Chichen Itza.

Our local, knowledgeable, and certified Mayan guides will help you to understand the ancient Mayan people and learn about their cultures, beliefs, and architecture while you explore the ruins. Such knowledge is not possible to have by just reading some journals online. Therefore, the experience you will have with us cannot have any comparison, and your exploration of one of the New 7 Wonders of the World will be enjoyable, comfortable, and knowledgeable.

Why is it wise to have a private full-day guided Chichen Itza tour
Why is it wise to have a private full-day guided Chichen Itza tour

A bit about Chichen Itza

Once Chichen Itza was a populous city and a busy trade center for the Mayans. However, now it is a collection of magnificent ruins. Historians say that the place is over 1500 years old. The center of the city is the 98-foot pyramid, the iconic El Castillo. The ruins also have some residential buildings, the Great Ball Court, and various other temples, pyramids, and architectural structures. It is not possible to climb the El Castillo; however, it is also a structure to behold. It is a structure to watch during the spring and autumn equinoxes when the sun and shadow develop an illusion of a serpent coming down from the pyramid.

Why have a private tour to Chichen Itza

It is best to be on a group tour when you wish to make friends; however, if you desire to discover the place better, it is wise to be with us on a private tour. You and your family members can have an excellent exploration of Chichen Itza. Our guide will explain to you the philosophy of the Mayans and the influence of religion in daily Mayan life. You will also learn about the different religious rituals and human sacrifices by the Mayans. We will customize the tours according to your desires and help you and your group have a comfortable and relaxing exploration.

It is not the end here; during your tour, you can also enjoy lunch and relax by the side of a cenote close to the pyramid.

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Benefits of being with a local guide

During our private full-day guided Chichen Itza tour, a local guide will always accompany you. Our guide will provide you with insider info, and you can ask questions to clarify your doubts. When you are with our guides, you can undertake various activities which you would miss if alone. We plan the tours in such a manner so that you can spend maximum time at Chichen Itza.

So, do remember us at Best Maya Tours when you plan a vacation to Mexico.