The adventure possible to have during a private Sian Ka’an Lazy River tour

The adventure possible to have during a private Sian Ka’an Lazy River tour

When you are in Mexico, you generally visit what the Mayans have left us to explore. However, when you are in Sian Ka’an, the focus is not on what the humans have developed. Instead, the focus is on a unique ecosystem sculpted by nature on the coast of Mexico.

If you try to visit all the World Heritage sites in Mexico, you cannot avoid being part of the private Sian Ka’an Lazy River tour we at Best Maya Tours organize. However, all the other heritage sites are human-related except this in the Mexican Riviera. It is an excellent effort from UNESCO to declare a natural site a heritage site, demonstrating how significant Sian Ka’an is.

The adventure possible to have during a private Sian Ka'an Lazy River tour
The adventure possible to have during a private Sian Ka’an Lazy River tour

The peculiarity of the Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve

There are different elements in this biosphere reserve, and the way they interact makes the place particularly interesting and unique. You can be in tropical forests and palm savannahs in a few parts. Then, suddenly, you will find yourself in mangroves and marshes where the savannahs merge. The lakes here form islands, and rivers are on their way to the coast with long beaches and sandy dunes. Off the coast, you can be at a large marine section, which is also a part of the biosphere, including a barrier reef. As the environment is diverse, you will find various animals and plants. 

In the adjacent forest, you can have encounters with jaguars, pumas, ocelots, and tapirs. The water is full of manatees, turtles, and fish. Up in the sky, there are migratory birds.


The tour that we organize

Our private Sian Ka’an Lazy River tour will help you to appreciate perhaps one of the most tranquil and exceptional involvements with the Riviera Maya. After visiting the archeological site of Muyil, you will enter the western side of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere to get a boat and sail through the biosphere to arrive at the old water channels worked by the Mayans about five hundred years ago. You will show up first at Xlapak, or “Ancient Wall,” and enjoy a terrific view from this old Mayan outpost.

Then, among the mangroves and the crystal waters, you will enter the slowly streaming river with your lifejackets and float down the stream. It can be around 3/4 of a mile before returning to the boats. 

Before returning to your hotel, you will be able to enjoy a typical Mayan lunch at a local café in this beautiful spot.

We take every care so you can have a safe, comfortable, and pleasant tour. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about. You will have enough opportunity to explore Sian Ka’an Biosphere. 

So, do remember us when you intend to have the best private Sian Ka’an Lazy River tour.